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Susquehanna Glass Factory Tour and Shopping Outlet

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Susquehanna Glass Factory Tour and Shopping Outlet
731 Avenue H
Columbia, PA 17512
(717) 684-2155
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The Susquehanna Glass Company is one of this country’s oldest, continuously operating, family-owned decorating and factory stores. Since 1910, The Susquehanna Glass Company has been hand cutting stemware, barware and crystal gifts for local customers, corporations and many of the country’s best retail stores.

Take a walk back in time with a FREE factory tour of our original building, where you can watch our artisans cutting intricate patterns at stone wheels as they customize and personalize glass and giftware.

In addition to hand cutting, see modern decorating techniques for glass, metal and wood, including deep etching, laser engraving and color screening all products in our factory. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see an American factory still in operation.

The Susquehanna Glass Factory tours can be booked on a Tuesday or Thursday 10:30 am or 1 pm throughout the year. Glass-cutting demonstrations are held in the factory every Saturday. Reservations for groups are appreciated. Visit the store Tuesday through Saturday 9 am to 5 pm. We will be happy to ship your purchase anywhere across the country at reasonable rates.

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Susquehanna Glass Factory Tour and Shopping Outlet